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    dynamically update the TOC?

    redpointone Level 1

      Is this possible, why is it manual.. Is it a coding/programming issue, when will ID be (CPU) multi-core "compatible"?


      I read the Adobe Indesign CS4 Server Scalability and Performance paper, assuming published *sometime* in 2008 since that's the copyright?


      Interesting that the mentioned I/O bound hardware concerns are only the CPU and HDD's, no mention of main memory RAM (and the bus)? Is there a current version of this paper, and will it include Intel's new interconnect "Thunderbolt" to alleviate these secondary storage type I/O concerns being currently addressed with the SSDs.


      Anything on the multi-core "compatible" future releases of ID?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          Adobe does not comment on timetables for future additions until actual release announcements are made. Nobody here can answer questions about when multi-core support or 64-bit support will be added, though it will probably be sooner rather than later, if you want to place a bet (I have no idea, but rumors do abound).