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    Are ADE bookmarks permanent and accessible?


      I've created many bookmarks in Adobe Digital Editions. I need to be sure they'll survive a computer crash, an ADE reinstall, or an upgrade to Windows 7 - maybe on a different PC. So I have many related questions:

      What file(s) are bookmarks stored in?

      How can I restore my bookmarks if I have to reinstall ADE?

      Can I migrate bookmarks to a new PC if I decide to upgrade?

      Can I save or export bookmarks in some format?

      How can I print them?


      I expected ADE's bookmarks would be adequately documented on your website, but I can't find anything.


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          Umm...  Define 'bookmark' for me.  The way you use the term makes me believe

          that you think a bookmark is kept separately from the ebook itself.  You

          also talk about bookmarks as if they are some form of document.


          A bookmark is just a notation of a point in the text of an ebook.  You don't

          store it in a separate file.  You can't print it.  And you don't migrate




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            Excuse me FrustratedinAZ, but you are frustrating me. I don't know why you bothered replying to this thread.


            Bookmarks in Adobe Digital Editions are well defined, and I've created hundreds of them annotating dozens of PDF files (they're not just for eBooks). I just don't want to lose my bookmarks if my PC crashes, or if I reinstall ADE, or if I upgrade my PC!  If I lose all those bookmarks because I have to do 1 of those 3 things, then Adobe has created a product that wastes my time and a lot of other people's time.


            My original questions still need to be answered. Thank you in advance for helpful responses.

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              It's clear that FrustratedinAZ got confused and thought that Adobe Digital Editions bookmarks are like Adobe Reader bookmarks, but they're very different. For one thing ADE bookmarks aren't stored in the corresponding PDF or EPUB. They are stored in XML format in a file called Manifest and in various files with the file type ANNOT. I've just identified these files in \My Documents directory, so I can at least back them up even if I can't access their contents directly.


              I apologize for being impolite earlier. If anything knows more about the Manifest and ANNOT files, I welcome more information.

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                Thank you for the clarification.  I always get smarter from the posts to

                this blog.