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    Reader Plug-in Not Activating

    tis_herself Level 1

      Using Firefox 4.0.1 on a PowerMac 2x2.66 Ghz 5-Core Intel Xeon 16GB 1333 MHZ DDR3 desktop computer and all of a sudden (since the last auto-update?), I can no longer view PDF files online.

      Doing research and when I select "view PDF" I get an error message telling me that I need "additional plugins" to see the PDF file.


      My version of Reader (9.4.4) is supposedly the most current one.


      I have to download the PDF file and open it with Reader rather than viewing online.


      A bit of a headache when researching hundreds of newspaper articles online.


      Any suggestions?

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          370H55V Level 4

          Reader X 10.0.1 is the most current version for Intel Macs running 10.5.8 and newer OS. And, technically speaking you have to download the PDF to view it, even in the browser. Whether you save it or not is up to you once it's loaded, but it downloads to your browser cache before it opens.


          What you want to do is download a trial of AppDelete. Install it and use it to uninstall Reader 9 and all associated preference files, plists, and support files. Then downoad Reader 10.0.1 and install it. Things should go much smoother.

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            tis_herself Level 1

            Very amazing little helper applicaiton, that AppDelete! Thanks for passing that one along.


            I followed your instructions and downloaded the most recent version of Reader so now I have ver 10.0.1 installed but for whatever reason, I'm still getting the message, "It appears you don't have support to open PDFs in this web browser. To view this file,    open with your PDF reader."


            with a "Click Here to download plug-in." message


            If I click on the plug-in icon, a Plug-in Finder Service window pops up with a "No suitable plug-ins were found" message.


            Again, this didn't happened before my System Updater installed the most recent version of whatever software it found that I supposedly needed to update.



            I sound like such a newbie here!


            Any other ideas?

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              370H55V Level 4

              Under applications in the Firefox preferences, do you have Adobe Reader set as the default app to open PDFs?

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                tis_herself Level 1

                Yes, I do.


                It was already set but just to make sure I went through the process of "browsing" to select the updated Acrobat Reader on my hard drive.


                I also closed the browser and reopened, but that didn't make a difference.

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                  370H55V Level 4

                  Try this.

                  You have seen what AppDelete is and how it works.


                  Try running Firefox through it and delete the preference files (Mozilla Firefox Preferences and any .plist files it finds) Don't delete the app or any profiles, or you'll lose bookmarks logins and PWs. Just the preferences.


                  The relaunch Firefox and see what works.