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    Trying to transfer books to a second nook


      I am struggling to download books to my second Nook. I have a Nook and so does my daughter.  We have different accounts because I don't want her to access my books (too young).  I downloaded several books to ADE, some for her and some for me.  I plugged in my Nook, put my books on, went perfectly.  Plugged in her Nook, drug her books over, and keep getting an error message that says "No permission to copy documents here".  Is it because the device is registered under a different e-mail than mine?  How do I get around this problem?

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          My husband and I are having the same problem.  We both have nooks and we have the SAME e-mail address.  I got mine nook first and registered with Adobe and downloaded library e-books into my nook from my computer with no problem.  Now my husband also has a nook, and when we try to download library e-books into his nook, we get the message: "user not authorized."  We only have one computer, so it isn't as if he can download to one and I can download to the other.  If there is no way for his nook to be authorized also, then his nook is a total waste except for the e-books he he purchases from B&N.  Surely there must be a way for two or more nooks in the same household to be able to have e-books downloaded to them from the family computer.  


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            I have the same exact problem. Any solutions????


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              Does anyone know how we get a reply to this?  I have the same problem.  I am hugely frustrated with the difficulty in one household using e-books and library e-books.  So far adobe seems to think the asnwer is, "get your 10-year old their own computer and make it harder for yourself to monitor her online activity!"  Uh, no.  Wrong answer.  Adobe - how about it?  What's the answer here?

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                Does anyone know how we get a reply to this? Reactivating a fairly old thread.  Just checking that you mean the original post (problem using different Adobe IDs) rather then the second post (problem using the same Adobe ID).


                As long as you can monitor the copying of the books from the computer, your best bet is just to use a single AdobeID for both Nooks and the computer.

                Make sure your more adult books don't get copied to her Nook.

                If that isn't practicable I'm not sure what to suggest.

                Unfortunately the Adobe DRM infrastructure is very inflexible (and its implementation is very flakey, especially in ADE2.0).