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    Premiere Elements 7 and Flip camera - setting


      Hi all,

      I'm new to video editing and premiere elements, so I really would appreciate any help. I have a simple question: My video source is from Ultra HD Flip camera - 720p HD, 60 fps, .MP4. Can you please tell which is the best preset for my project?

      I already read that PE7 is not the best editing software for Flip camera clips but I will need to deal with this somehow , bacause I can't afford PE9 right now. And also - I see that it doesn't support more than 30 fps, do you think that this will destroy my final video quality? I exported a trial video on my pc, just to see how it looks, but I'm really disappointed with the result, it is blurry and it definitely doesn't look HD. I used NTSC - Flash Memory Camcorder - Widescreen 48kHz, because it looked most appropriate to me.