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    Win XP Media Center Ed. & Adobe Reader 9.4/9.4.1 Updts Lock Up & Reader X 10.0.1 Install Question

    jackw163q Level 1

      What is the deal with Win XP Media Center Edition and Updates to Adobe Reader?  I have been unable to install Adobe Reader Updates 9.4 & 9.4.1 to Win XP Media Center Edition (32 bit - SP3) since last October!!!  The update starts to install and then locks up when it starts trying to Remove Shortcuts!  I have had to kill the update and then Adobe Reader does not function after that.  I have had to go back and run a System Restore for a date & time prior to the attempted update install, to get Adobe Reader working again.


      I was going to try uninstalling Adobe Reader 9.3.4 and installing the latest Adobe Reader version X (10.0.1) - until I read the System Requirements. Only Win XP Home, Professional & Tablet PC Edition with Service Pack 3 (32 bit) are mentioned as valid operating systems.  Does this mean that version X (10.0.1) can't be installed on Windows XP Media Center Edition (32 bit) with SP3 installed???


      Any help/info that you can provide would be greatly appreciated!