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    animated gif from flash

    Avian Rand

      CS4, AS3.Windows XP SP3.


      I've created a pretty simple flash animation with some text that fades in and moves around a bit. Nothing fancy. It runs just fine both locally and on my client's site. I need to turn it into an animated gif so that non-flash viewers will see the animation. But I can't seem to get it to come out right. It needs to have a transparent background and it needs to run just once. Like I said, all that runs fine as an SWF.


      When I choose the export option in the file menu (export movie as gif), it does export and I can run the gif but the background is definitely not transparent and the thing loops continuously. Yes, I've checked the "transparent" checkbox and also set the repetitions to 1. Neither of those settings do anything.


      I also tried "publishing" the gif. That's even worse. The resultant animation doesn't even resemble my SWF. It's a blocky mess when it runs. It does appear to have a transparent background but it loops over and over and again it's a blocky mess (not sure how else to explain that).


      The whole thing is just about 10 layers of different lines of text that are tweened in various ways to get the effect I need.


      You can see the animation on the right hand side of this page: www.ssrights.com. It's the one that says "FREE! Consultation..."


      Hope someone can help.






      PS: The gif is not in place. I currently have it set to just show a static image if someone does not have flash.

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Try searching google using terms like "Flash publish animated GIF"  I used to have a link to one blog that had a helpful series of steps but I can't find it now--if you find one with a black beackground that might be it.  Here's one result that might still be helpful and is fairly recent...



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            Avian Rand Level 1

            I had done quite a bit of searching online before posting. Everything I found covered the basics but nothing explained the problems I am having. The link you included pretty much is just an overly verbose explanation of each option for publishing a gif. It's pretty obviuos what "transparent" and "opaque" background mean. Doesn't take a paragraph to explain that for anyone that's spent any time with graphics programs before. Same with looping.


            I did a little experimenting. It doesn't like text. If I put a circle and a rectangle of different colors and cut a hole in one of them all on the same layer and publish that, it all works. I get a transparent background and in a webpage it loops just once. But if I put any text on it, the whole thing falls apart. Even if I convert the text to a graphic. The only thing that I seem to be able to do to get this to work is to break the text apart so that it's no longer text at all. That's a problem of course if you want to change fonts or spelling or add a word or something.


            Does anyone have an explanation and a viable solution for the problems I'm encountering?



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              Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              There are a variety of settings beyond the transaparent vs opaque one that need to be set properly.  That is what you need to be paying attention to in all that stuff you call verbose.

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                Avian Rand Level 1

                Look, I appreciate that you are making an effot to help, but I hope you realize that most pages like that are just there to attract advertisers. They are mostly nonsense. Filled with fluff and little that's actually helpful. Often copied verbatim from the help file of some application. Not the least bit beneficial. There are tons of "how to" sites out there that say next to nothing and still use a lot of words. I run into them countless times each day. It's beyond irritating when you're trying to learn how to do something. This paragraph on that page you referred me to is a perfect example:


                Set other options for your animated GIF publication. Optimize the color  of the GIF to remove unused colors so that the image size will be  reduced. Set "Dither Solids" so that the colors will be mixed in the  current existing palette. Other options you have to set up are  Interlace, Smooth, and Remove Gradients. Set all of them very well so  that your animated GIF will be published at its best quality.


                Just look at the grammar in the last sentense. It doesn't even make sense and offeres zero useful information. Probably came out of the entirely useless Adobe help system that's fond of defining a term with the term itself.


                Back to the GIF settings. I've chosen nearly every combination of settings on the GIF publish tab. Nothing I do works. The only thing that solved the problem (and it's a crummy solution) was to change the text to a broken apart graphic. I'm sure you are more expert in Flash than I am and so you likely know how to solve this. Have you created a simple example with text and successfully published it as a GIF? You don't even need to tween the text. It can be sitting still on it's own layer and it still fouls things up. If so, what settings are you using to make this work right? That inforamtion would be very helpful!


                Again, is there anyone out there that has specifically dealt with this problem and can offer a specific, viable solution?



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                  Avian Rand Level 1

                  Well I think I found my answer. It can't be done. This is from a few years ago but I'm guessing that the folks at Adobe have never bothered to remedy this problem.



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                    Lon Winters Level 4

                    That's what I was going to say - it can't be done. Animated gigs, at best can only handle simple flattened images with, at best, a simple transition. And my experience when making them from flash creates way bigger file sizes than they need to be. I suggest you look into web 2.0 stuff like jQuery, Ajax etc. They don't have the flexibility of layer based flash animation, but can still do some slick animations and transitions.