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    Am I Crazy? (Definition of Insanity)


      I've heard that performing the same action over and over again expecting a different result is an indication of insanity.


      I've been a longtime happy user of Photoshop and, more recently, Lightroom for still photography... my interest in video is far more casual and does not justify the expense of purchasing Premiere Pro and its companions, so I've tried and used various lower end products, including, of course Premiere Elements, with varying degrees of success with most of them... but nothing but out and out failure with Elements with at least versions 4 and 8 according to my Adobe store history, and maybe a couple of other versions as well but memory fails me... purchases I have always ended up regretting, usually far sooner than later, and software that has invariably ended up doing nothing but the equivalent of sitting gathering dust in a dark corner of my hard-drive since it simply never worked.


      In a fit of rash optimism earlier this evening I just sent adobe another $105 for Premiere Elements 9 thinking perhaps they might have got it working by now... that would, by the way, be at least the third time I have purchased a full version of Premiere Elements since there's never any upgrade pricing apparently...


      Anyway, thanks to the wonders of instant downloadable purchases here I am barely an hour later, having just attempted to pull in a 45 minute clip from my camcorder, and for the last ten minutes I've been staring at a dialog box titled "Add Media", but otherwise completely blank apart from the inevitable "(Not Responding)"


      My machine, whilst not exactly bleeding edge these days, is no slouch, with a 2.5GHz Core2Quad, 8 Gigs of RAM, an 80 Gig SSD system drive with 50% free and more than a terabyte free on my RAID10 storage volume - the machine responds nearly instantly to just about everything in PSCS5, shuffles. sorts and filters my 60,000+ image Lightroom catalog with barely a pause, and in fact I can hardly remember the last time I actually had to wait for my computer to do anything I've asked of it... except when I try to do anything with any version of Premiere Elements


      Has anybody ever actually got any version of this incredible piece of flakeware to do anything useful?


      I give up: I'll set myself a reminder to just rip up a $100 bill every couple of years, save myself a bunch of time at least.

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          Ted Smith Level 3

          There are heaps of posts in this forum that answer your problem. I would suggest that you are not setting the project spect correctly to your input video.


          I have a computer of similar specs to you but with only 4 gb ram and I can edit full ACVHD video quite well, It only takes less than a second to get most responses. Standard def DVD viudeo quality is a breeze.


          Generally speaking an i7 is considered necessary for fast really editing of full HD or BlueRay. An i7 is a huge improvement on your computer.


          Admittedly with your computer it will take about one minute to initiallly load an existing PE9 project and some hours to  compile the final project and burn a disk.


          If you are trying to use it to make a 'video' of a batch of stills than don't. PE9 is meant for video and is not a 'converter' although admittely you can get a fair result as long as you convert the stills beforehand to the same number of pixels as your final video project.


          The main improvement in editing speed is to have 3 internal hard disks. One for the OS and program, one for video and one for the saved project files as long as you set the save options accordingly. The reason is that no disk can continuously read and write at the same time even with caches that eventually empty.


          External USB disks are useless but exprernal Sata are OK.

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            Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

            I agree with Ted. It's always a good idea to test drive before you buy. Just to see if your preparation matches your opportunity.


            Your problem could be related to your source files. You don't mention what kind of camcorder your video is coming from.


            Or it could be that your program is not installed or set up properly. Hard to say without knowing more about your set-up. Although, if you're editing video from a hard drive or storage camcorder, such as an AVCHD cam, you may not have the power to do it properly.


            Or it could be that your operating system is not fully up to date (including the non-critical updates). Or that you don't have the latest versionof Quicktime. Or that you don't have the latest drivers for your graphics card. Or it could be your RAID set-up, a set-up that can often run contrary to efficient data flow for video work. Or it could be that you're editing to a second hard drive that isn't set up properly.


            Or it could be that your system needs a tune-up. Even a brand new system is riddled with fragmentation and tmp files. When did you last run Advanced System Care, per our recommendations?



            Or it could be that Premiere Elements is the wrong software for you. Have you downloaded the free trial of Premiere Pro CS5? Particularly if you're using the 64-bit version of Windows 7, you may find that it will make much more efficient use of your hardware and resolve all of your problems.

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              Robert J. Johnston Level 3

              I just think you are crazy like me. I have every version of Premiere Elements. Unfortunately you weren't specific enough about the "add media" problem.

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                Bob Dix Photographer Level 2

                That really should not be happening. We still use Premiere Elements 4 in an i7 64 bit XEON Quad-Core 12 GB RAM but, have downloaded Microsoft's XP Mode Virtual to make it run smoothly, I have found  minor problems with the H.264 mov files from a Canon 5D Mark II however. perhaps instead of opening Add Media go to from> Files (ON YOUR C DRIVE) if it is AVCHD or H.264 mov and hit the ENTER on your computer , do not use the cursor to open file. This also worked in a Prentium 4 , 3.2Ghz Hyper-threaded machine only slower, there has been a remarkable increase in speed using PE 4 in an i7.

                Good luck, you are not mad, the computers cause most of the issues not Premiere Elements 4 which may not handle a large imput of High Definition clips in one hit, although Premiere Pro certainly can and never crashes.

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                  BritKev Level 1

                  Thanks to all for the replies to what was basically a rhetorical question at the end of a frustrated rant... not necessarily actually looking for any help per se, just venting... I'm more than a bit of a geek, have a masters degree in computer science, and have been messing around with video on computers for the better part of two decades, ever since my 4 Megabyte 486 CPU and 9600 bps modem days, when I spent a couple of hours downloading 30 second clip of a rollercoaster into Mosaic... so I am capable of patience , and can tweak a few settings to see if it gets better, but I'm kind of irritated that I should have to (again).


                  I'm just stunned that in this day and age a world-leading brandname software company can sell a piece of consumer level software that can be rendered completely dormant and unresponsive with a half-dozen mouse clicks... not an error or warning message to tell me I'm trying to do something that Premiere Elements isn't capable of, not a progress bar, not a countdown to tell me it will complete in 3.7 kilofortnights, just a flat empty dialog box sitting there doing nothing.

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                    Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                    If you just want to vent, I'd recommend you contact Adobe (which you can do by clicking on the Contact Adobe button at the bottom of any page on this site).


                    This forum is filled with volunteers who are eager to help and who believe every problem has a solution. Venting here does nothing but slaps us all in the face.