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    FP will not install

    Ramesh Madan

      Tried to install FP many a times but failed....

      I have Mac OSX 10.4.11 with Processor 2.1GHz Mem. 512Mb.


      I play the the on line game (Bejewelled Blitz) on the facebook on my MAC and for the last couple of weeks it was showing that I need a new version of flash player...... tried to download and install the new version many a times but it gives the message that "Adobe Flash Player cannot be installed.      Devices with Power PC are no longer supported. Click below to download the latest version of flash player for Power PC".


      After clicking the the bar below it starts the same process again.


      Going through all this process again and again, but no proper result.


      It shows that I have FP installed 10,0,45,2     Debug   No          BUT IT IS NOT WORKING AT ALL???????


      Please email me the solution, if possible.