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    Does Premier Pro CS5.5 read XDCAM EX files that were taken from FCP?

    the moose machine



      I am unable to run .mov files on CS4 since the format is not compatible. I found that I need to purchase Calibrated{Q} XD Decode to run them (as suggested in this forum: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2401617#2401617). The problem is that after installing the trial version of Calibrated, CS4 reads the files very buggily: the video pauses abruptly while the audio keeps going thereby rendering the file unusable.


      I have read that CS5.5 is more compatible with FCP projects and am wondering if it can seamlessly read these Quicktime .mov files that CS4 cannot. Your response would be appreciated because otherwise I will be spending a lot of money on upgrading it in vain.


      Thanks and regards.