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    Add image to a advanceddatagrid column dynamically...


      Hi All,


      I'm quite new to flex. Please suggest me how to go about this.


      On a particular event I need to add an image to first column  in a particular row of an advanceddatagrid, in addition to the text which is already being displayed there. The other rows should not display the image. 

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          EvyatarBH Level 3

          If it is always the same image, perhaps the first column should have an itemRenderer that includes that image and sets its visibility according to a boolean flag on the data.

          When the relavant event occurs, change the flag on the data of the relevant row.

          The image visibility can be altered also by changing the states of the itemRenderer (note it is still important to be according to the displayed data, so it won't be messed up when recycling the DataGrid's itemRenderers).

          Just a general possible direction...

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