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    First sideloading and now the blue stripe of death

    TonyRedhead Level 2

      Okay so I can appreciate the decision, even though I'm not happy about it, to do away with sideloading in preference of publishing the folio to Acrobat.com and distributing it via that platform. In fact, in our immediate office environment sharing Folios via Acrobat works quite well and we are happy to use it in this way.


      Imagine my dismay when I loaded the new Android Adobe Content Viewer 1.8,0,0,23535 on my HTC Desire and logged into Acrobat.com only to see all of my Folio artwork covered by this giant blue stripe! (sorry for the dodgy pics but it's hard to screengrab an Android device I've discovered)



      It got a little better, but not much, when I rotated the phone to landscape!



      Now it's my understanding that the next version of the ipad Content Viewer app is going to do the same thing :-( Please don't do it. What's the point of doing cover artwork if you are going to completely cover it in portrait mode and deface it in landscape mode. Is it necessary to do it this way, can't we find a more subtle way of indicating that a particular folio inside the viewer has been downloaded from Acrobat.com as opposed to via the App Store. I much prefered the little *.


      This is a great product and we all want it to work across a range of disciplines but don't make those of us happy to use Acrobat.com be forced to endure "the blue stripe of death".