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    Adobe Reader X 10.0.1 stops working


      I have Adobe Reader X 10.0.1 on my computer running windows vista with comcast norton security suite installed.  Every time I open a pdf file or open the reader x program within 1-2 minutes I get an error message stating that "adobe reader has stopped working" and it prompts me to uninstall the program and reinstall the program.  I have reinstalled the program several times but I continue getting the same error message.  If act quickly I can print or save the pdf file but if I don't do anything or even just open the Adobe reader program and wait I get bumped out of the program within 1-2 minutes.  What can I do?


      Here is a screen capture of what happens after 1 minute when I open the reader x program



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          I am having the same problem and am concerned that although 100 folks have viewed your

          posting no one has an answer.  In fact a few minutes ago another person posted the same concern

          and still no one has an answer to the problem.  I use windows Vista and have the reader 10.0.1.  Is it possible to go back to an earlier version.  I didn't have problems before this update was installed.

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            Same same... as as you and WISOTA. After 1-2 minutes it goes down. Adobe 10 functioned well over at least the past year/since it's out on my machine which is a VISTA Home premium Servicepack 2 operating a Toshiba Satellite A300 Intel  Core duo 2ghz, 4gb RAM


            Should we ask Microsoft which recent update is killing Adobe Reader? At least they are recommending uninstall and re-install of the Adobe product...


            hoping, somebody solve this, thanks&cheers


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              rudolfregez Level 1

              actually, the other thread has one that solves mine:



              from this:

              <quote>launch Reader and uncheck the option 'Enable Protected Mode at startup' in Reader Preferences->General. Close and re-launch Reader.



              I did as well:

              <quote>Can you kill AdobeCollabsync.exe from Task Manager and clean the following folders (but do keep a backup of all files):






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