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    ColdFusion Setup for Flex


      I have two questions about setting up ColdFusion to access a remote CFC from FLEX (Flash Builder 4.5).  I host several domains on my ColdFusion 8 server with IIS 6.  I would like to set things up so that I can hit a CFC that is not on the same domain as my "main" coldfusion server (ColdFusion .CFM files run fine from this domain).  I can't seem to do it though.


      If I adjust my service control endpoint so that it USES my main coldfusion domain, it works:


      _serviceControl.endpoint = "http://www.myMainColdFusionDomain.com/flex2gateway/"


      but if I try a different domain, it does not work:

      _serviceControl.endpoint = "http://www.


      Also, I am having trouble with putting my CFC in a subdirectory and still getting it to work.  In other words, building from the above working URL, I can't seem to just add a subdirectory to the URL--it doesn't work:


      _serviceControl.endpoint = "http://www.myMainColdFusionDomain.com/subDirectory/flex2gateway/"


      I am sorry if what I am asking seems very basic, I am just learning.


      Thank you.

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          RBC Level 1

          Ok, I think worked this out for myself.


          First, I adjusted my default website in IIS so that it pointed to the directory of the domain I wanted to use, that cleared up the domain issue--not really the way I thought it would be done, but it works...


          Next for my directory question, I used a dot notation to indicate there is a subdirectory, and plugged it into my super class as follows: 


          _serviceControl.source = "subdirectory.myCFCsName";