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    Alert.show() - How to set useHandCursor

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      I have been looking for a way to set useHandCursor and buttonMode for the buttons on an Alert window using ActionScript 3. I searched for a while on Internet but could not find a solution. Finally I had a look at the class itself, its inheritance hierarchy and finally I realised how to do it and I wanted to let others know...


      I was showing alert pop-up windows by using only its static methods...


      Alert.yesLabel = "yes";
      Alert.noLabel = "no"
      Alert.show("text", "title", and other stuff);


      ...and I was expecting to have a static access to useHandCursor too, which is wrong.


      The Alert class, through its inheritance hierarchy, inherits the useHandCursor and buttonMode from the Sprite class...


      Alert > Panel > Container > UIComponent > FlexSprite > Sprie


      ...and the Alert.show() method returns an Alert object, there is where you set thopse properties.


      var alertInstance:Alert = new Alert();
      Alert.yesLabel = "yes";
      Alert.noLabel = "no"
      alertInstance = Alert.show("text", "title", and other stuff);
      alertInstance.buttonMode = true;
      alertInstance.useHandCursor = true;


      I hope it is of use to someone :-)