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    AVI files imported produce glitchy Audio (MRCK1) - HELP

    Fienduk Level 1

      Hi there

      This is my second attempt to get some help on this subject, a subject that has become increasingly worse.

      My system is Win 7 64bit / I7 / 6GB Ram running CS5 (Latest update) Premiere Pro.

      I have a Sony Z5 amd MRC1K unit. (Brand new)


      I run the captured footage through sony RU Util and then Import into Premiere Pro.

      My problem is that the Audio is awful. It coughs and splutter from begining to end whilst the Video seems largely unaffected.


      I have tried it on CS4 and same thing. Tried it out on Windows Movie maker and Pinnacle and have no issue what so ever.

      The file comes in as an AVI as if i have captured from Tape, which was what I was doing until recently.


      The footage from the CF card plays fine, so ruled out the Unit.


      My conclusion is that there is a compatibilty issue with Adobe and the Imported File (SD BTW way) as it's the same in Premire Elements.

      Why? I can't work it out and have spent hours trying different things and different searches on google.

      Rendering Audio does nothing, Exporting produces same glitchy result.


      Am I missing a setting in Premiere that would give me a magic fix?

      Files imported from my HD cam (Sony SR12) play fine???

      It's fot me beat, can anyone please help???


      Thanks Guys