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    Simple (for you at least) tracking question.

    Skoolbus777 Level 1

      My scenario:


      I have a room with a TV and a person sitting on a couch. The camera starts from the ceiling, zooms down behind person on couch with the view of the TV in front of him. You still see the person's head, which slightly covers an area of the TV. The TV will have an image/video that I've attached/tracked on the TV.


      What I've done so far:

      1.  I've set Tracking targets... and I've analyzed the scene.

      2.  I've applied a image to the null object.


      Problems I need help with:

      1. I've analyzed the scene from the down camera point [where the TV is not showing]

           a.  When the TV is not shown, the image gets funky. It twists and turns, since the TV is not showing.

                i.  Can I remove some of the tracking data? Like only have tracking data from say frames 50-100, instead of 1-100. Since 1-50 shows no TV?

      2.  The person's head is in the way of the TV, so the image I've tracked to be on the televsion covers the guy's head. Can I create a mask so you can still see the guy's head infront of the TV? If so do I have to create a mask for every scene? Do I have to track the mask?


      Thanks for any help, I'm new to AfterFX and I'd appreciate any assistance.



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Tracking data is just keyframes. You can select them in the timeline and delete them.


          You can also attach the tracking data to a multiple nulls then trim the nulls to any length. Then you can parent a null to a null to a null.


          In regards to masking the head I'd suggest the roto brush for that part. You'll need a duplicate of your footage that's been trimmed. You'll also need to track this part so you can attach the replacement image for the TV.


          I think the best advice I can give you is to think multiple layers. Split them up, try and figure the easiest way to fix each part, then put them back together again.


          I'd also do a google search for tracking, After Effects and Mocha. There's lots of good resources out there that show how to handle different situations. I wish I could be of more hep but I can't give you better instructions unless I could see the shot.