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    Help someone


      Hello ,All trying to find out how someone can Change the font color and size I made and Editable image in Acrobat x and they can open it and Edited in Reader, They want to be able to change the font size and color in reader please anyone be trying to figure this out for Days I know it can be done just no clue how thank you,,

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          markerline Level 4

          double post.  Please only post once.




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            Sorry about the Double Post that was my frist time using the post and i thought

            i posted my question in the wrong place so i posted it again once again sorry it

            wont happen again



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              CtDave Level 5

              It is not clear what PDF content you have.  Perhaps something printed from a word processer and the paper then scanned with the image placed into PDF?

              If so, there is only the image of text and not actual text.  
              A scanned image of text can be processed by Acrobat with OCR to provide a hidden layer of characters.
              If the OCR output is from Searchable Image or Searchable Image (Exact) there is no practicable way to edit it.

              An image of textual content could be have OCR via ClearScan.  ClearScan replaces recognized images of characters with an "internal" font. 
              It is possible to edit ClearScan output with Acrobat Pro using the TouchUp Text tool.

              Adobe Reader has no TouchUp Text tool. 
              A PDF that has been enabled for Reader by Acrobat Pro can, depending on what option is selected, can let users of Adobe Reader fill in form fields and save, add or edit text box, sign the document, place a digital signature, add a comment &/or drawing markup annotation.  But neither theTouchUp Text tool is available.

              So, no edit to font attributes.

              Be well...