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    CS5 vs CS3 with XML

    Ken Krugh

      I posted this to the InDesign forum but I thought I'd check here as well.


      We have an InDesign document containing sample pages for a series. The client is trying to find the best way to get the back list of the series (books that currently exist only in print or scanned pages) to the web as well as prepared for traditional book printing and are testing some things. One of these is having the content created and tagged in XML and trying to use that for both getting the product to the web and prepared in InDesign for printing.


      So, we have an existing InDesign file that should have all the InDesign styles needed to lay the books out, and newly created XML files that we have to import into InDesign.


      We're in the process of updating from CS3 (which I'm more familiar with in both scripting and layout) to CS5 and I'm wondering if I should bother looking at this at all in CS3 at all. Does CS5 offer anything over CS3 such that I should just start working on this in CS5?


      Someone in the InDesign forum mentioned the evaluateXPathExpression scripting command which I'm looking in to now.


      Any words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.