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    osx 10.6.7 issues


      I am at a website, trying to complete an application, and I get to a point where it indicates I need a proper for of Adobe Reader and to go any further the proper Adobe Reader must be downloaded (at which point the screen will automatically go to the next screen).  Okay, so, I go to the download screen, and it shows the various Mac and Windows downloads, and, surprise, osx10.6.7 is not there.... we have 10.6.6, and that's it.  Now, I have tried downloading 10.6.6, I am updated with Reader X updates to 10.0.3.  Is there any possible way I can "cheap" the screen and get it to see I am as updated as I can be?  Or, is there an actual update for  osx 10.6.7 users.  Oh, and for the record, going back to osx10.6.6 is NOT an option....

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          370H55V Level 4

          Which browser are you using?

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            TheNightbird Level 1

            Safari.  Also, I have tried Foxfire.  Still no luck. 

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              370H55V Level 4

              Reader X 10.0.3 is the latest version available through automatic updates for OS 10.5.8 and up. The newest manual download is 10.0.1, but you can update to 10.0.3 once you have it installed.


              Another possibility, and as a Mac user since 2003 I can say this still irritates me, is if the site (not an OS or browser problem) is using javascript to ID the browser and OS, and is designed for Windows and IE.


              Yes, there are still web designers out there who refuse to realize that Mac holds almost a third of the computing market worldwide.


              If you have Boot Camp and Windows installed, or Fusion or Parallels, you could try accessing the site in IE.

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                TheNightbird Level 1

                I have downloaded the most up-to-date version of Reader X.  Here's the thing.... the application site moves me over to a page which indicates I don't have the correct Adobe Reader version and to click here to get the correct version.  So, I go over to Adobe, and they have every osx version EXCEPT 10.6.7.... yes, they stop at 10.6.6.  So, I check, I am updated, Reader X 10.0.3.  I try to load the application page.... which is supposed to be usable for Apple products, and it still will not load.  I have a distinct feeling the issue is with the website I am trying to use, and I will get a note tomorrow which will indicate, hey, surprise, sorry, we gave you the wrong information, you DO need to use a Windows based computer, Mac's are not useable.

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                  370H55V Level 4

                  There could (remotely possible) be another thing.


                  I have some DVDs with "digital copy" discs that work in iTunes. What does that have to do with Adobe Reader?


                  The discs have encoding that specifies what version is a minimum for the digital copy to play, in this case iTunes 7 or higher. Here's where it gets screwed up. iTunes is on build 10. Numerically, 10 comes before 7 because the first digit is a 1. So iTunes 10 is older than iTunes 7 according to the version check. It's totally flawed, but I can't do anything about it.


                  I'll bet the javascript that checks the Reader version is looking for 8 or higher and thinks 10 is reader 1.


                  You might want to try uninstalling 10 and install 9 to see if that works. If it does, fill out the application and THEN update to 10 again.

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                    TheNightbird Level 1

                    I agree with everything you are saying.  I think I am going to just wait until tomorrow and discuss it with one of the IT folks for the website.  And, I'll probably end up by having to use a Windows computer.  Welcome to the twenty-first century.