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      so i admit im fairly new to adobe after effects but when i saw this i was amazed and wanted to learn how to do it personally but i cant figure it out, most part cause im new. but im hoping for any advice to help me solve this puzzle thanks...i included a link for those to see. thanks



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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          There are lots of things happening there. Since you didn't ask about a specific piece, I'll give you a general (but sincerely helpful) answer:


          You need to begin at the beginning and work your way through the basic learning materials for After Effects first. After Effects is most certainly not an application that you can just jump into the middle of and start using. I very strongly recommend that you start here to learn After Effects. If you work your way through those materials, you'll at the very least be able to ask more focused questions and get better help.

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            jgomez3420 Level 1

            well i guess to be more specific i was looking on how to do the color change along with the particles going across the screen...ill definitely look at those liniks thanks again

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              If you want a specific formula for the color change then we'd need to see the original before color grading. There are a bunch of controls under color correction that will do just about anything you want to do. There are also a fist full of great color grading tools from third parties that will do the job. If you're talking about the transition from metallic letters to frozen letters that could be a simple wipe between tow different pieces of art. When you start breaking down an effect that you want to duplicate try to think of the simplest elements in the scene and how they could be layered to create the effect.


              The particles could be duplicated with a bunch of plug-ins. Particular from Trapcode would be one, Shatter could even be used. The entire shot could have also been done in any of a dozen or so 3D apps.


              If I were to try and duplicate this entirely in AE with the standard plug-ins I'd start with the basics. I would need a background layer with some kind of fractal noise, a second background layer with a crack in it, some extruded text with a metallic surface, another copy of the extruded text that looks like it's frozen, a particle layer to help hide the transition between the extruded text, a layer for some smoke, and another layer for some atmosphere.


              You could use Free Form to extrude the letters. I'd use two different pieces of art, one for metalic, one for frozen. Those could be created in Photoshop or Illustrator. I'd create the background and the smokey layers with fractal noise and colorama. I would use shatter and compound blur to create the particles and transition. I'd precompose that effect and add some glow and maybe a touch of echo. There are a fist full of other plug-ins that could be used to add the little touches to the effect that make it really sell. I guess my point is that this project isn't as simple as using 3 layers and a plug-in. I'd guess that my project would end up with 4 or 5 pre-comps and about a dozen layers.


              I hope this gets you started.

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                Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

                Mmh, yeah, this is pretty much your every day Video Copilot tutorial rehash. You can find many of the techniques over there in different tutorials, you just need to connect the dots and mold them to your needs. The clip even uses their font *OMG*. Still, wouldn't hurt to learn AE "the right way" and start with the basics. Re-creating someone elses work is not necessarily the best way of learning a complex software, because just the same those tutorials leave out as many important parts as they focus on others...



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                  jgomez3420 Level 1

                  thanks for all the help, its seems like its gonna be really complicated lol...ill still try so other than the links about what do you guys recommend i learn the basics from? online or good books to refer too?

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                    Todd_Kopriva Level 8

                    > so other than the links about what do you guys recommend i learn the basics from? online or good books to refer too?



                    The links that I gave lead to some videos online as well as some free sample chapters from books. If you follow those links, you'll find all of the resources that I recommend. So, I recommend that you start here.