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    Slow Stabilize Motion. Any better Premiere plugins?


      When I press Proceed Forward after setting my tracking points etc in the Stabilize Motion box in AE, the process proceeds at an extremely slow rate - a few frames per minute. Then, after a while, it picks up, starts playing the video in slow motion, but stops moving around the tracking points. When it does this, the confidence metre is at 100% - even though in reality the feature box has gone off, sometimes way off. And then AE is really slow to responding to my pressing Stop.


      I'm running a high-performance machine; Premiere runs great. I realize video playback in AE, which is not optimized for it (that's another thing - even when I turn down the playback res it still says it's not playing back at full 29.97 fps), is maybe gonna be worse, but we're talking molasses slow here with the Stabilize Motion function. I'm trying to get Adobe to upgrade me to 5.5 so I can use the Warp Stabilize function, but so far I'm disappointed with AE's performance, and disappointed with the results of the Stabilize Motion even when it works well (I'm dealing with shaky camera footage). In my old Premiere (circa 2004 - cs2, I guess?) there was a 2d3 Motion stabilizer effect that you could just apply directly to the video. This plugin was a demo, but it worked like a charm - much better results with a few clicks than what I got out of AE after several long attempts.... Apparently 2d3 doesn't offer this for Premiere anymore - or not at least, anyway, without a chunk of money. Well, I just blasted a big chunk of money into the CS5 Production Premium. Maybe I am just impatient with AE stabilization's higher learning curve, but I'm disappointed that Premiere CS5 doesn't have a comparable function as the old Premiere did - a function which was damned easy. Any advice?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The larger the search area the slower the tracker will run. Make sure you're not tracking more than you need to track. In most cases you'll get a better and a much easier to work with track if you use Mocha. It comes with AE and there are a bunch of tutorials out there on how to use it.


          Mocha is a planer tracker, AE's tracker is a point tracker. Both have their advantages, but there's nothing that I have found that will track or stabilize with AE's tracker that can't be tracked more accurately in Mocha.

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            VideOh Level 1

            Thanks, I did see a similar suggestion elsewhere but was admittedly resistant to start learning yet another program...  The planer-pointer distinction is good to know; when I did Apply the stabilization I ended up with this crazy jittery effect - which was pretty cool, if that were what I was going for. I figured as much about the search and feature fields, but when I put them smaller the tracking seemed to go even more off track. What about the Warp Stabilization, though? I've seen a lot of people mentioning that as a better camera shake fixer.

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              Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              It depends on the shot. Here's a suggestion: put the shot up on YouTube or Vimeo and let us take a look.