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    Scrubbing Audio

    Stauffer Studios Level 1

      Well I can honestly say i am extremely dissapointed.  I just downloaded Audition CS5.5 and the scrubbing features are gone.  I was thinking that since there was streamlined support in CS5.5 for Audition again that it wouldn't matter but not so much that i could do this in Premiere but now i see that it is gone from here too.


      Why would you take that feature out.  In fact, many of the nice scrubbing features are now gone.  Audition 5.5 was my main reason to upgrade.


      What I am referring to is the ability to scrub the timeline and have the audio stay on even while at a stationary point.  In Au3 you could use the Ctrl key while scrubbing and have this effect.  You could also scrub like a true jog shuttle would where you could speed up and slow down.  Is there a reason that these features are gone?