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    Can I use Indesign to create an ePub for iPad with expandable images?

    Kratos27 Level 1

      Hello everyone!  I'm creating a book for iBooks on the iPad.  It is a basic book that has short chapters of text with pictures. Reading Terry White's, the Adobe evangelist, blog I saw that his attempt with InDesign seemed straight forward, without a need for html skills (which I don't have.)  So I would make the investment in InDesign if it is suitable.


      BUT! I would like to add an extra feature that I have seen in some iBooks: When  you double-tap an image the text disappears and the image expands and  fills the page. And when you double-tap the image again it goes back to  normal. Can this be done in InDesign? How?


      I'd appreciate any help.


      Thank you!