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    Flash Builder 4.5: debugging Flex Mobile application on Android Virtual Device




      we are trying without success to debug a flex mobile application in Flash Builder 4.5 on an Android Virtual Device (AVD).


      We can debug with real Android devices via Flash Builder 4.5, by using a standard Mobile Application debug configuration with "On device" launch method, but emulated devices are not listed in the "Choose device" Flash Builder 4.5 window.


      The emulated device is correctly listed by "adb" command line tool, as the following screenshot shows:


      c:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Builder 4.5\sdks\4.5.0\lib\android\bin\adb" devices

      List of devices attached

      emulator-5554   device


      ("emulator-5554" has been created and started with Android AVD Manager standard Eclipse plug-in)


      By using the adb command-line tool we can also install applications on the emulated device, but we'd like to use Flash Builder 4.5 directly, without manually using adb.


      Many thanks in advance for any direction.


      PS: we can debug with Flash Builder "internal" android emulator (the one used with "On desktop" launch method), but we want to use the more "realistics" android emulated devices provided by Android SDK (Android Virtual Device (AVD)).