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    Flex and XML and Combobox.


      Firstly I'll apologise for anything being repeated. I have had a search through the forums already but it was a long and painful process, and I couldn't really find anything useful.

      Secondly, I'm new to Flex, so please stick with me if I come out with things that should be obvious.

      The issue.

      I've created a basic Flex app. This gets XML data from a PHP page that querys a MS SQL DB.

      I've got the data to populate a datagrid ok, this was done to make sure it was getting the right things from the DB.

      What I actually want is to put the data into a combobox, but what I currently get in the CB is [object Object] for each item.

      I really don't know where I've gone wrong, as the code is put together from what I've found over a bunch of websites.

      I really appreciate any help, advice, hints, or tips on where I am going wrong with this.

      Thanks very much.

      Now the codey bit....