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    Memory Problem with Sequences


      I am using:


      Win7 32bit

      2GB RAM, Intel Core 2 Duo 2Ghz


      Flash CS5


      and I have this problem:


      I am currently trying to create a 720p movie consisting of 738 single JPG pictures; 6 frames/second. Each picture has 204 KB, all the pictures together add up to 226 MB.


      Yet still, Flash is crashing due to memory overload once I have loaded like 100 pictures of my sequence... I loaded 90 pictures and tried exporting it as a small AVI-movie, but even that overloaded my memory. I checked the Windows task manager, and I saw that even with only 90 pictures loaded, Flash already takes up 1,6 GB of my RAM.


      Is there a way making Flash save those pictures not on the memory, but on the disk, in a temporary folder or something? I wouldn't care if it takes way longer.


      Kind Regards