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    Stereo Track to 5.1 Submix to ac3 file


      I have a short film setup in premiere CS 5.




      Stereo Tracks:

      2 Main Audio Chnnels

      3 Sound Effect Channels

      2 Music Channels


      These are submixed to:

      5.1 Submixes

      Main Audio Sub

      Sound Effect Sub

      Music Sub


      When I look at the submix level meters, i get levels in all meters when i move the puck around.


      I exported the audio using the Surcode encoder and got an ac3 file.


      The Blu-ray i composed in Encore was previewd at the theater and only came out the front speakers. i checked the ac3 file by bringing it into premiere into a 5.1 track and it only shows L and R.


      My question:

      is my problem coming from having Stereo Channels going to 5.1 Submix? Even though I see levels and heard them in my back spearkers?


      Is it the Audio mapping? Which I read is different in Premiere and may need to be moved around?


      I only have 2 Surcode encodes left and i dont want to use them up by faulty testing.....


      Please help. My movie premiere is Thursday the 16th....