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    How is Dreamweaver CS 5.5 with FTP and the "_notes" folders?

    DrunkCyclist Level 1

      I will upgrade my suite soon enough, but I would probably be down with expiditing that situation if anyone can tell me that the CS 5.5 update to Dreamweaver has any significant improvements for FTP and if they are doing anything about the "_notes" folders that all us developers love cleaning up all the time!


      I know you can uncheck preferences to get rid of most of those "_notes" folders but I actually have run into a situaiton where I actually need synchronization turned on and every time I make an edit to my site I need to then go "clean design notes" before making an SVN commit because I get 40 or 50 "_notes" folders all over my working copy.


      I am using synchronization so I can use a remote FTP site as a development environment for an ASP.NET site I am mostly using my mac and mac software to edit. Using Dreamweaver's synchronization feature helps a ton when I am getting svn updates from everyone in the team. After getting all of my updates I can run a synchronization to my own development server to make sure they match up before I begin my edits.


      It would be awesome if I could do that without having to clean up the "_notes" folders every time I commit.


      It would also be great if I could FTP without getting timeouts and all the stuff Dreamweaver is notirious for in that department.


      I'd love to hear anyone's opinion using the newest version.