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    how do I locate column/row (number) selected in applescript


      I require a simple script to adjust the column widths of the current selected column only. I want to base it on a script below which I found on the internet. This script adjusts multiple column widths to the value input and adjusts the stub column to the remaining space. I would like to know how easy it is to create a script with a similar input window that adjusts the column/row selected leaving the others in tact.



      tell application "Adobe InDesign CS4"
          if class of parent of selection is not cell then
              display dialog " Do not highlight any cells " buttons " OK " default button 1 with icon caution
              set monTableau to parent of parent of selection
              set NbColonnes to count columns of monTableau
              set monBlocTexte to parent text frames of selection
              set maBoiteTexte to item 1 of monBlocTexte
              set {y, x, h, l} to geometric bounds of maBoiteTexte
              set largeurBloc to (l - x)
              tell text frame preferences of maBoiteTexte
                  set NumColTexte to text column count
                  set largGout to text column gutter
              end tell
              display dialog "Width of columns (mm) " default answer 20
              set largeurTexte to text returned of the result
              set largcol2 to (largeurTexte as integer)
              set largcol1 to ((largeurBloc - (NumColTexte - 1) * largGout) / NumColTexte - (NbColonnes - 1) * largcol2)
              if largcol1 < 2 then
                  set largcol1 to ((largeurBloc - (NumColTexte - 1) * largGout) / NumColTexte) / NbColonnes
                  set largcol2 to ((largeurBloc - (NumColTexte - 1) * largGout) / NumColTexte) / NbColonnes
              end if
              set width of column (1) of monTableau to largcol1
              repeat with counter from 2 to NbColonnes
                  set width of column (counter) of monTableau to largcol2
              end repeat
          end if
      end tell




      Your help will be greatly appreciated




      Dave Williams