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    Selection Tool Error

    Mr. Mustachio

      I'm having problems with the selection tool in Indesign CS5.  When I select an object with the selection tool and try to move it I get an alert sound.  It will not let me move an entire object with either the selection tool or the direct selection tool.  If I use the direct selection tool I can grab a point and move the point with no problem.  If the object is selected, I can use my arrow tool to move the object.  But when I use the selection tool to click/hold and drag, to move I receive an alert sound, and nothing happens.  I'm on a Mac running 10.6.7.  Macbook Pro 6.  Last time this happened I had to create a new user and transfer everything over to a new account.  I know there are problems with the initial User account on a mac created, but I was hoping this wouldn't happen again.  Any help would be wonderful.  And no, nothing is locked down, and it does the same thing when opening a brand new document.