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    Hyperlink Problems

    maf79 Level 1

      I'm on a PC (XP) using CS3.


      I just started to use hyperlinks in an indesign doc (which will be turned into a PDF).I initially thought I was doing everything right. I went back in to check the numerous links I've created and they all link to wrong items. Many link to the same thing and appear to take on the url of each new hyperlink added. For example, I linked to an Amazon book and numerous links suddenly linked to that book (they all appear to have unique links in the hyperlink window). Then I link one thing to an email address and suddenly I have several links connected to that email address. I have given up for this document, but what in the world am I doing incorrectly for the future? I read the instructions and thought I was doing it correctly.


      Thank you!

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When creating hyperlinks, it's a three step process. First, create Hyperlink Destinations for where you want the hyperlinks to take you. Use the New Hyperlink Destination command on the Hyperlinks panel. You can set text anchors, pages or URLs as destinations. Second, create Hyperlinks which point to specific hyperlink destinations. You can hyperlink to pages, text anchors, URLs, shared destinations or email addresses. Third, test the hyperlinks using the Go to Source and Go to Destination commands on the Hyperlinks panel.

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            Kelly McCathran User Group Manager

            Hey Steve,


            I figured this was a good spot for this question.


            When creating email links and PDFing, the @ symbol appears as %40 when you mouse over the email address in Acrobat or Adobe Reader. Do you know of a way to prevent this?


            I found that using the underscore in the Subject instead of space (for multiple words) removed the %20 (as I do with most web-compliant file names), but I can't seem to find a fix for the @ symbol.


            Hope you are well,



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              Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Hi, Kelly,


              Interesting question.


              Yes, when I create an email link, make the InDesign file into a PDF, and pause over the link I also see %40. However, on my Mac, clicking the link successfully launches my email client (Mail) and properly inserts the email address into the email.


              Are you finding cases where this does not work?



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                Kelly McCathran User Group Manager



                Yes, the link does work fine. My only issue was the display of the %40, I didn't know if there was a way to avoid that