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    Can't Not Play Timeline with Premiere 5.5, but could with 5.0


      Hello All,


      I've been at this for a few hours and have exhausted all that I can try.


      Everything was working fine with Premiere Pro 5.0 on my Mac.


      But when I upgraded to Premiere 5.5, I've got this odd issue.


      When I try to play anything on the timeline, a video clip, bars and tone or even black video, it will play for about 15 frames, then stop and jump back to the starting point of the scrubber.


      I can move the scrubber to another point in the timeline and I can see the video frame fine.  But again, as soon as I hit the space bar to play, it plays for about 15 frames, I can hear the audio and see the video play for about 15 frames then it all stops again and puts the scrubber back at it's original point.


      Not sure what's causing this.  Again, with Premiere 5.0, everything works fine.


      Any thoughts or suggestions?