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    Stupid problem - layer duration


      Hi! Just started using After Effects, and I'm having a stupid problem. Can't find any support for this problem anywhere on the web.


      I made a new composition, then imported a Photoshop file with multiple layers into my project. The composition is set to ten seconds of duration. Whether I drag the individual layers from the Photoshop composition into the new composition or I try and edit the original composition itself, the layers will not extend in duration beyond two frames.


      My cursor moves over the edge of the layer, I click and drag the edge, and nothing happens - unless I am moving the layer within its two frame duration.


      The layers are individually called "Photoshop Sequences" in the project window. On the timeline, they appear with two small arrows in the upper right and left corners, like this:


      Screen shot 2011-06-13 at 3.24.40 PM.png

      What am I doing wrong? How can I extend layer duration?