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    Slomo 1080P AVCHD footage in Premiere

    rickg1949 Level 1

      Took the weekend to tweek my af100. Things looking good and this old dog is finaling getting a handle on the camera without being under the client's gun.

      Anyway, after bringing material into my edit system under Premiere CS5, I found that the 1080P footage stuttered terribly (especially pans) when trying to run it at 50% speed on a timeline even with the shutter off in the camera. 1080i footage seemed to fare better.


      Running a clip through After Effects seemed to create a passable result (not as good as shooting it at 60fps to begin with). So anyone have thoughts: is After Effect-ing clips my only way to create smooth slo-mo from material I shoot at 1080P? After many years of Sony 1080i HDV, the process to run a clip at 50% or use Fit-To-Fill looked good and was mindless, albeit, not as sweet as the look from the AF100!


      Words of wisdom?


      Thanks, rg