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    Image distorting after rendering..?


      Hello, I am fairly new to AE so any help would be grateful!

      The issue I am having is that I have created a comp with 2 PNG files in it. These PNG's are setup in a 3d format so I can pan and zoom from one over to the other then scroll past the image until it leaves the screen...During the preview if the comp it looks great.  I then put the comp into my main and previewed it from there...it still looks great.  The problem arrises when I Render the movie out.  No matter what I do, that particular comp looks horrible.  I can't even read the words on one of my images it's so distorted.


      So this leads me to believe that I'm missing an output option for rendering.  I have tried rendering as AVI, MPG2, H264, etc. tried even rendering with lower and upper fields first..I have also selected the options on the comp to "preserve resolution when nested" (which helped out in how it looked for the preview but not the render).


      I have been searching the web for the last 2 hours trying to find an answer and I still come up with nothing.

      Here's an example:


      Preview from RAM:



      And final movie render:



      THis has got to be an easy fix....



      I have now even changed the image from a .PNG over to a .TIF with no compression...And there is no change in the distortion, it's still messed up.