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    Code coverage plug-in and FlexMonkey/manual testing?

    Cheri H



      Does anyone know if the AS Code Coverage plug-in supports capturing coverage data for FlexMonkey GUI or manual testing?


      I'm using FlashBuilder 4.5 Premium and Flex 4.5 SDK, and am able to capture coverage data for FlexUnit tests. There are some areas of our code that we're using FlexMonkey tests for. We were hoping to be able to run these tests from the FlexMonkey GUI console and append coverage results to the unit test results. This doesn't appear to work. When I tried it, the numbers didn't change from those for the FlexUnit results, even though I exercised code that should have generated new coverage results.


      I also tried generating a new report without first running the FlexUnit tests. I launched my app from FlashBuilder while the coverage plug-in was "listening", then exercised the app manually. After disconnecting, I tried to generate a report, but was unable to select this because the button was disabled. I assume this is because there was no coverage data recorded.


      Thanks for any help!