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    How to Edit Text on a .mov File?


      Hi everyone -

      This is my first time posting here, so I hope I'm in the right place. I bought a file from Pond5 yesterday - an After Effects file. I imported it to iMovie (I work on an iMac), but quickly discovered I couldn't edit it in iMovie. So I downloaded the trial version of Adobe After Effects CS5.5 (it took forever).  Then I watched some tutorials. When I imported the file I bought from Pond 5, I couldn't figure out how to edit the text in the file. If it helps, here is a link to the file I bought:




      I e-mailed Pond5 about editing in iMovie and got a response today that said I can't edit in that application; that I must edit in Adobe AE. Can someone tell me how? I'm really getting frustrated. I thought this would be "easy", like the blurb on Pond5 said...

      Thanks, Susan

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          Todd_Kopriva Level 8

          If Pond5 said that it would be easy, you might want to ask them.


          After Effects is a powerful program, but it is not easy. You can't just jump in in the middle and start using it without taking time to go through the basic learning materials.


          Here's basic information about selecting and editing text in text layers in After Effects...


          ... but I very strongly recommend that you take time to work your way through the basic learning materials. It will greatly reduce frustration.

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            isign38 Level 1

            I have sent a message to the person that created this project, so we'll see if he/she has anything to tell me

            that will help.  I'll watch more tutorials about how things work in Adobe AE.  I really like the program...these types of

            things interest me greatly and I would like to know more about them.  I just wish I didn't have to watch hours of video to change some text.  I did find, however, that there was a file included in the downloaded file from Pond 5 called "project.aep".  This file seems to be editable.  I messed with it a little and did manage to change some text, but the words I replaced the original text with are different lenths, thus they need to be repositioned in the project.

            Anyway, thanks for your reply.  I'll work more at understanding how the program works and we'll take it from there.


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              Dave LaRonde Level 6

              isign38 wrote:

              I'll work more at understanding how the program works and we'll take it from there.


              That's the way to do it. 

              You need to remember that AE in its current configuration was originally intended for professional use as a standalone application.  Although the Adobe marketing folks would hope you buy it with an eye to a quick start, AE's emphasis on a thorough knowledge of the basics means that it's still a "learn to walk before you run" program.


              It may happen some day, but right now there's no such thing as quickstart set of instructions in AE.  Things are just too Byzantine in AE to allow it.