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    Removing Blinking Text from video footage


      Hi Helpers:


      I recently recorded a service at my church where we have three mounted cameras.  One of the cameras was malfunctioning and the word "Backup" is blinking in the top 1/3 of the frame for the entire service.  As luck would have it the malfunctioning camera is the only one that can capture faces as people enter during the mass procession.


      I knew this was happening while recording but couldn't remedy the situation at that time.  I was able to frame most lf my shots so that the vital subject of the angle is below the blinking text in case I need to crop the video (which unfortunately will result in a blurry picture from that camera).


      Is anyone aware of a way that I can use Premiere (CS4) to somehow remove the blinking text or perhaps other options aside from cropping? 


      It is a 50/50 blink cycle (12 frames on and 12 frames off) so there are a lot of frames that are good if there is some way to normalize the picture.  There are so many cool tools and features in PS and Premiere that I want to think there is something that can help me.


      Thanks in advance for any ideas or assistance you have !!