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    new application (desktop, not mobile)... questions...


      pardon the inexperience with flex/flashbuilder/air...



      so we have an existing flash "application" that we've build for a client, which is part informational, and part configurator for the machines they sell. there are a handful of individual modules (swf's) that make up this "application."    now, they want to add some other functionality, which is not really handled by flash, so i'm curious if i'm digging down the right path to be able to build this whole thing in air/flex/flashbuilder.


      what we need is basically this...   an application that opens and runs full screen, we've used carousels before with 5-6 icons  as the main nav for each of the modules, but we could go to a dock of sorts as well.   we would still have the existing flash app, but they also want to add the following...


      1. a module to hit the internet (a browser of sorts, and it would be good if we could have a skinless browser. not open FF/IE/Chrome.  they'll only be hitting one page, so we don't need all the functions of a real browser. we just need a module to open up to hit this particular page.

      2. a media viewer to show swf/videos. player and library/playlist functions

      3. a pdf viewer.

      4. a cms of sorts that would allow them to add content to their media and pdf viewers. this would also be something that would need to be hidden/deactivated when the app goes live to the public at the event.  on off via xml? so they could activate the cms, add content, then deactivate it so the public has no access to this when the main app is live.


      so we are aware there are no flash pdf viewers. we currnently convert them to swf's, and view them in a player we skinned.  since they are adding their own content, they need it to convert automatically, or be viewed via another method.  if there are browser capabilities, could the pdf be viewed in this browser as pdf's?


      we need to look into more application development, and not just the flash "app"  swf/exe with...  (carousel, flash modules)  that we've built already.  so are we barking up the right tree that we could build an app that would have these different types of modules (browser/viewer/pdf/flash) or are we just out of luck to have an app that can handle opening modules that do these things?