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    Move-Copy seems to be off


      I am using the Move/Copy command in InDesign 5.5 and it seems to not be accurate. I am duplicating a line a set distance, 1 in, and once I get out to 12 inches, I am losing about  1/32 of an inch. I print it and then measure the distance from the first line to the last and it isn't the 12 inches that it should be, it is less. I have checked that there is no scaling going on when I print and have tried printing to a couple of different printers/presses and get the same results. I was wondering if anyone has had issues like this and what anyone has found to be the problem. . Thanks for any input.

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Printing where? A desktop printer will never be completely accurate to 1/32 of an inch.



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            Grant H Level 4
            a line a set distance

            have you measured it in the ID document... is it correct there?



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              LouisVan2 Level 1

              I am printing to a BizHub from Konica Minolta. Normally, on a 12x18 or a 13x19 sheet.

              It has a Firey front end to it.

              I am logging in at home tonight. I am pretty sure I have checked with the measuring tool in InDesign and it was correct, however, I will make sure of that in the morning at work. So far, I have just increased my repeat by a very slight amout to compensate and it has been workable. I wanted to check to see if anyone else has had this come up.

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                Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                A couple of years ago I did a book on a BizHub. When we ran tests for the cover we discovered it was short -- The BizHub seems to compress in length about 1 or 2%, so we added some scaling in the RIP.

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                  John Hawkinson Level 5

                  Printing where? A desktop printer will never be completely accurate to 1/32 of an inch.

                  I'd call that unnecessarily pessimistic.


                  Yes, it is quite common for there to be unanticipated scaling factors in printing, so like everything in life, it's important to calibrate. So print some tests, perhaps in multiple applications if you are suspicious of InDesign.


                  But 1/32 of an inch precision is well within what you should expect (and demand) for your desktop printing, even if there are plenty of printers that fail. 1/32 is 0.031", and a single dot at 300dpi is 0.003". That's a factor of 10. Now, just because a printer claims it can resolve to 300dpi doesn't mean that there isn't some optical scaling factor that makes it off by 1% or 5% or even 10%. Anything that can go wrong will go on. But it's not common to be off by that much.


                  Nothing can be "completely accurate," so Bob's statement is of course true. But you should expect a lot better than 1/32" precision, by all means.


                  So test!

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                    HeyMikey Level 3

                    I concur with John. At our studio, we use Epson 3800 Pro, and our printouts are as accurate as they can possibly be. A 17" x 11" document printed with crops measures exactly 17" x 11" crop-to-crop, and anything that's stepped and repeated is done so at the specified measurement. But Bob is also correct; on our Ricoh Aficio 2510, we get a discrepancy of about 1/64th", so we don't use that printer for mission-critical output. However, it is relatively easy to go into the printer's system preferences and calibrate the output size to get what you need, by increasing/decreasing the output scaling by about 1%.

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                      LouisVan2 Level 1

                      Thanks everyone for your input. Not that you wish problems on anybody, but sometimes it is nice to know others have had similiar experiences. If I find something that sticks out, I will update, otherwise I will go with the suggestions of more testing/calibration and be aware that it can be common. Thanks again.