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    Can anyone help me find a codec for Premire CS5?


           I am currently working on a training video for a language interpitation company and our final edit is due in the next few weeks. My school uses all Mac OS X computers in their editing bays with Adobe CS5 and I am currently using my HP Pavillion Notebook PC with Adobe CS5. After testing my colleges SONY PMW-EX3 Pro Camcorder, my classmates and I log and captured the footage through Final Cut Pro 7 on the Mac computers. We were able to go between Premire Pro CS5 and FCP7 on the Mac computers by using XML file transfers. Now the issue I have is whenever I take the footage that was logged and captured on the Mac using FCP7 to Premire Pro CS5 on my HP Notebook , Premire Pro CS5 keeps displaying a message saying "CODEC MISSING OR UNAVAILABLE". I was able to take the RAW MP4 video clips from the cameras SD card and import and edit sucessfully. But when using the logged and captured .MOV files created by FCP7, Premire Pro cannot recognize or even identify the codec. My question is, does anybody know where I can aquire this missing or unavailable codec so I can edit with the .MOV files? Using the .MOV files will make editing between both Mac and PC much smoother.