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    sound issues

      2 things...

      First, using lingo I've been calling sounds to play in channels 1 and 2. I figured that assigning each sound to a specific channel would solve the problem, but I am still experiencing a lot of latency with the sounds playing. This is for a game and I have one sound (weapon fire) play whenever the fire button is pressed. This plays in channel 1. The sound of the projectile hitting an enemy is linked to channel 2. It seems to repeatedly play the same sound fine, but whenever it has to play the alternate sound, there's terrible latency. Is director really only capable of having one sound in memory at a time, even with 8 sound channels? How do I get the audio to run smoothly?

      2nd... as a possible solution, I noticed that I have in my director list what appears to be the directSound xta - the professional one that allows for nearly infinite sound channels, warping, and soforth. My school gave me my copy of Director with all the software they got for it, so I really don't know what this does, and they didn't have any documentation for it aside from Director itself. DirectSound.x.32 shows in my list of xtras though. Is this really directSound or just something basic that allows director to work with directX? And if it IS directSound, how do I use it? The limited info I found for it online seemed lacking in basic functionality, such as how to instruct my scripts to use it.
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          Level 7
          Try the following in your message window:
          put the soundDevice
          -- "DirectSound"

          Other possibilities are "MacroMix" or "QT3Mix". If it's MacroMix (which
          is known for high latency), try using your movie's #prepareMovie handler
          to set it to DirectSound.
          on prepareMovie
          the soundDevice = "DirectSound"

          Something else to be careful of is to ensure all your sound files have
          the same sampleRate - if Director has to mix down 2 sounds at different
          sample rates this can cause latency. Stick to 11025, 22050 or 44100

          Which version of Director are you using and which OS are you running it on?
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            Starvoyager Level 1
            Checked the persistent soundDevice as you said, and it is running directSound. Both sounds are sampled 22050.

            Version is Director MX (2004), running Win2k Pro.

            I remember hearing a long time ago that Director always fell far short on sound performance because it didn't take advantage of DirectX and was essentially Mac emulated software, but I thought this problem had since been fixed.

            The only other thing I can think of is I'm not using the sound queue properly, but even without pre-caching, the sound files are so small, they shouldn't even be making a dent. Does Director not know enough to keep the sounds stored in RAM?
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              the real POTMO
              Director and sounds are bad. You will not get any good latency. I've workt a ton to get good latency with meny channels. (If youre only using channel one you could get ok latency). I would recomend you to get one of the meny sound xtras (such as OpenAL). Youll get better results ith them!