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    Premiere Pro goes into  "nonresponding" status for everything

    RankinImagery Level 1

      PPro has always worked without much problem.  My usual editing is one track of SD or HD.  I now have three tracks of HD video with an additional audio track and the program goes into "non-responding" status after a few clicks.  Just making an audio track active will send it to NonResp status.  After a minute or so the track becomes active. Each command goes into "non-resp" status.  Spec below


      I7 920

      P6t ASUS

      12 Gig

      GTX 460 (newly installed)

      PPro CS 5.0.3

      7200 RPM HD's no raid


      Note: the tracks are a mix  Video 1 & 2: AVCHD and Video 3:  CAM