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    Custom plugin failing with Adobe Reader X protected mode. Need help with custom policy

    Rajendra Kankani

      We have a custom built plugin (.api) that helps preview PDF documents within content management product. This was working with Reader 9.0 and works with Reader 10 (or Reader X) with Protected mode turned off but fails with Protected mode turned on.


      I have folllowed the blogs that guide on turning on logging and implementing the custom policy to workaround the problem. With the custom policy implemented, I see ZERO errors/warnings (no access denials at all) in the log file. However, my problem with the plug-in remains unsolved and we are inable to preview the PDF.


      Will someone be able answer/guide me on following questions so that I can get to the next level of debugging:

      1. Which policy rule should be used for adding api files (plug-ins) to the policy exception list?

      2. Should an API (plug-in) be considered as a file/process/event/?????

      3. The plug-in under discussion is a COM object


      While I would not want to change the code to be able to make the plug-in work and be able to manage through the custom policy implementation. However, if this is inevitable and has to be addressed programatically, then some search over the web states that one should be using "AddRule" method. Can some one give guidance on how to use this method and teh SDK reference in which this method resides.


      PS: This is little urgent since most of the customer base has upgraded the Adobe Reader and are now blocked because of this issue!!!



      Rajendra Kankani