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    High Defenition editing

    littlejasmine Level 1

      Completed my 1st project with great support from you guys so am ready to try again and would really appreciate your help upfront.

      My next project is to be in HD and i have just purchaced a new Sony HDR-CX560E pal handycam, it will record in full 1920x1080 50P or 50i.

      The end product will be for sale on a standard DVD as well as on blueray disc.

      The footage we take is live one off footage, ie cannot be reshot. We already have some great footage taken on a standard dv camera that we would like to use even if loss of quality as the footage is excellent. We also have another HD camera running that can only record in 1920x1080 50i.

      My computor has an I7 quad core processessor. I edited my last project with PE8.

      My questions are

      My understanding is that shooting in progressive mode will give me the best footage?

      If i set my camera to capture in 50p will i be able to use the 50i and standard dv footage in the same project and edit successfully?

      What editing package will i be best to use, PE8, PE8 with patch i read about in another thread, PE9, PE10? probably will not start editing until towards the end of this year.

      Finally, i am purchacing another camera shortly, Sony HDR-CX160E so a relation can also shoot footage for same project. Presently i can only purchase this PAL camera in 60p? A sony rep has informed me that it no longer matters whether camera is 50p or 60p as long as i have a pal unit for our area, New Zealand. Can anyone confirm this is correct and that 50p & 60p will successfully edit together?

      I really apreciate your help on this matter so i set my new camera for best reusults before i start shooting. Please note i am not very clever when it comes to computors so plain english will be greatly appreciated.


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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          The Sony HDR-CS560 is an AVCHD 1920x1080 camcorder. You should select the 1920x1080 AVCHD project settings.


          You shold definitely NOT shoot in 50p! This format is not supported in 1920x1080 by Premiere Elements (or any other consumer program). Shoot in 50i. Otherwise you're going to have lots of trouble later. (Although 50p gives a slightly more lifelike video, you won't likely see the difference anyway -- especially when you output your disc.)


          Premiere Elements 9 handles AVCHD much more efficiently than version 8. I'd definitely recommend an upgrade. Version 10 is likely in development, but no official words has been leaked on its features. (Although it will not likely support 1920x1080 at 50p either -- so version 9 is your best bet.)


          The Sony HDR-CX160 shoots in exactly the same video format (at least if you shoot in PS or FX mode -- which you should). Likewise, the cam shoots in 50p and 50i format -- and I'd recommend you stick with 50i, particularly if you plan to mix footage from these two cams in the same project.

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            littlejasmine Level 1

            Thanks Steve,


            Really appreciate your help.


            1 clarification needed, i will use my camera on 50i. The HDR-CX160E PAL

            camera i have available to buy from USA at present is advertised as 60i or

            60p. Should i not buy this camera and wait for a 50i/50p model?


            Currently i can find one shop in NY that has this PAL 60i/60p unit

            available, then another shop in NY advertises the exact same camera in

            PAL 50i/50p but says they are not yet available.



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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              As I think you already know, 60i (~29.97 fps) is for the NTSC television system while 50i is for (25 fps) is for PAL.


              I would definitely NOT combine this video in the same project. And, since I assume you're working in PAL video, I'd definitely look for a PAL version of this camcorder (or something similar) rather than work with two different video standards.

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                littlejasmine Level 1

                Thanks Steve,


                The confusing thing is that Sony are now selling thier new models as ntsc

                60i or 50i, pal models 60i or 50i and thier rep has informed me that these

                new cameras will work with either frame rate, ie as long as i buy a pal

                camera the frame rate will not matter. This confuses me and am unsure of

                editing issues, i am hoping someone with a better understanding than me has

                already proven this to be correct or incorrect.  I believe its an attempt to





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                  Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                  Or confuse.

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                    Ted Smith Level 3

                    I've had a Sony HDR CX350VE/T for 9 months (the same quality as 550 but with less features)

                    It gives excellent results with PE9 in DVD and Blue Ray - as good as broadcast FullHD,


                    Shoot HD in FH mode 1900x1080i 50f - Its the only one that works with PE9


                    You can mix DVI SD with AVCHD quite well in the same HD project.


                    Nearly all players and wide screen TVs in Australia can play either 60 or 50 frames because of the high penetration of wide screen TVs here.

                    But multi capability may not be as commonplace in USA.

                    If you want to sell DVDs & Blue Rays to USA you might have to shoot in 60f with a 60f camera. Can any yanks out there comment on this?

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                      littlejasmine Level 1

                      Thanks Ted,


                      so it looks like most TV's in Aussy and probably NZ now will play either 50

                      or 60 frames so that is good.


                      Do you know whether PE9 will accept both 50f and 60frames in the same

                      project and edit successfully? ie my HDR-CX560E is in 50frames and the only

                      Sony HDR-CX160E i can currently find at a good price is in 60 frames and

                      want to use both cameras for same project.


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                        Ted Smith Level 3

                        I and probably nearly everyone else in this forum have never tried!

                        A further Google search might find someone who has actually tried it


                        Possibly you might be able to get some software that converts one or the other into the same frame speed the import them into PE.


                        The whole situation regarding different country standards is quite messy. See for example http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/720p this suggests it is easier to convert 60p to 50frames but because Standarf def in PAL(576) countries is higher resolution than in USA(480), the use of 720 in PAL countries is not a great improvement so 1080 has become the standard.

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                          littlejasmine Level 1

                          Thanks Ted,


                          I think i will hold off buying 2nd camera until a 50f is available in this

                          model. Thank you and Steve very much for the great support

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                            Ted Smith Level 3

                            by 50f I meant 50 interlaced FIELDS

                            There are 2 fields to each frame of 25 per second.This is the same whether 50i or 50p


                            Interlaced fields are written at half the speed shifted down by one pixel so you get 1,3,5,7,9 in one frame and 2,4,6,8,10 in the next frame and so on giving you a saving in speed and storage, The eye averages these out to a single picture


                            Progressive frames are written as lines 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 at twice the speed and twice the amount of storage needed for the same resolution.


                            Progressive was developed for fast motion and on old TV sets that couldnt handle it but good modern TVs show them the same.


                            An ideal camera would be one that could shoot in either 50i or 60i and still be as good quality as a Sony CX550!


                            There are a number of software packages that convert the final product.- much cheaper than buying a second camera and editing twice.


                            I live in a 50 hz world and a lot of our commercial TV originates from USA. It looks perfectly good converted to our 1900x1080i to me and noticably better than some 720p 50hz that comes form UK.

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                              coyoteproject Level 1

                              ok, in June 14, Premiere Elements didn't supported the 50p.

                              But what is now ? I've Premiere Elements 11, an the best i have is 1920 x 1080 p 30 :-(((

                              not bad but NOT the same I recorded.

                              When will we have this quality ?? update ???

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                                Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

                                Premiere Elements 11 fully supports AVCHD 1920x1080p60, coyote.


                                My article, on the DETAILS link on the left side of this page, gives a description of all of the great new features in version 11, if you're interested.


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                                  coyoteproject Level 1

                                  Thank you for the link +++++