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    Apple iPhone Http Live Streaming in Flash (Free OSMF library released)


      Hello everyone, recently I've read (http://www.flashcomguru.com/index.cfm...) that Matthew Kaufman has developed an AS3 library which adds support for Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) to OSMF and released it under the MPL open-source license.


      HLS (wich is a proposed RFC open standard) is the required protocol to  deliver VOD or live stream to Apple devices and it's also supported on  Android; having it supported in a flash based media-player can make you  reach both desktop and mobile users using just HLS, without the need to  offer different distribution method.
      Less complexity for content distributor and lower distribution costs!


      What about integrating HLS in StrobeMediaPlayback? ...maybe using the cited MPL AS3 library, I'm not an AS expert and the library lack documentation but
      it should be possible, isn't it?