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    Robohelp 9 and TFS build.


      Up to now I have been using RoboHelp 7 for generation of my html help files, but now we have switched to RoboHelp 9.

      We are using Team Foundation server for source control and build service.  I had set ut a build task that built the html help files by using the standar MS help compiler.  However to my surprise, I see that RoboHelp has changed the .hhk, .hhc, .ali, .glo files to XML format.  When a compile is started, these files are temporarily converted to their native formats before the html compile starts.


      This means that the standard html help build task will not work anymore.

      Does anyone have a solution for this?


      I guess one solution is to install RoboHelp on the build server and let the robohelp compiler do the build, but then I will need a dedicated build task for this.

      I assume that I also will need a separate license.