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    Can't import Excel tables anymore


      I use Pagemaker to design our catalogue and always insert price lists that I created in Excel. So far I never had a problem, but suddenly when I try to import a table (insert object), it only "inserts" a tiny Excel symbol instead of the table. I don't know why - this all worked perfectly two months ago and I haven't changed anything on Pagemaker, Excel or Windows since then.


      I use Windows7, Office 2010 and Pagemaker 7.0


      I just remembered: we did change something on Excel. Two weeks ago my shortcuts would suddenly not open the file anymore. The reason seemed to be that I had a pre-installed test version of office and afterwards purchased the code. Everything worked fine for half a year, but suddenly not anymore. So we downloaded Office again an re-installed it.


      Funny thing: two days ago I could at least open the excel table when double clicking it in Pagemaker, so I could make changes. Now suddenly that doesn't work anymore. I definitely haven't changed anything in the last two days. These programs are just weird...

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Insert object was always a horribly wonky feature that was included only because Microsoft required back then to get Windows certifications.


          You're now running PM on an operating system it was never designed for and a version Office that is way more advanced.


          It's time for you to move to InDesign which handles tables with ease.


          I suggest you do so while Adobe is still offering excellent upgrade pricing from PM. http://amzn.to/iPfyDv



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            Claudio González Most Valuable Participant

            PageMaker was officially declared dead many years ago -on the Mac side, MaxOs X has never been supported. It's a mistery for many of us why Adobe continues offering and selling a product that we are told is not supported in any of the latest OSs, including of course Win Vista and 7.


            You are one of the lucky few who can make PageMaker run at all under Windows 7. As you have by now checked by yourself, even if you get it running, you can never expect it be fully functional all the time; and you are always running the risk of losing for ever any job you compose using such an ancient program.


            Even in the good old times when PageMaker was compatible with the then current OSs, importing tables and graphs from Excel to Pagemaker was always a chore, and it was reccommended not to do it. And we are talking of a version of Excel that was some ten years older than the one you have.


            If you want to continue using PageMaker under Windows 7, and can do it, my advise would be to make your tables directly in PM. Don't push your luck too far. And follow strictly a good backing up procedure -dont just save frequently your work, but save many consecutive versions. It's no fun to discover too late that your only backup copy of your work is useless because you overwrote your previous copy with a corrupted one.


            And don't forget that you can download a trial copy of InDesign, and take advantage of the upgrade offer while it lasts in case you like it.

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              sumpfmarie1976 Level 1

              Thanks y'all. Guess you're right. I've been dreading to start with a new program (I'm not exactly bored here...), but I'll have to try InDesign.

              Wish me luck 

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                I'd be more inclined to wish you luck if you were going to stick with Pagemaker. You'd need it a lot more than moving to InDesign.



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                  sumpfmarie1976 Level 1

                  I have bad computer Karma - I can always use some luck