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    Address to Alternate Pages

      Hello, and thanks for all the great help I've already received from this forum.

      I have a new problem and have been unable to find any printed help to solve it. We are currently switching from a Development-driven HTML Help system to my new RoboHelp WebHelp system. Our application is HTML based, so when users access Help, they click a link and the single Help page corresponding to the application page appears.

      We will get rid of the old HTML Help system with our next release. However, I need to find a way of getting the appropriate Help topic page for the corresponding application page to appear in the main WebHelp topic window. Right now, only a default topic appears in that window. I've tried a couple of tricks, but so far they haven't been successful.

      Is there a way of creating an address that will get any topic I need to appear in the main topic window?

      I hope this wasn't too confusing. Thanks for all the help.